Desert Sand Mica

Whatever, just crash it Bob...


Oh man! Go look at Denny's hair!

Funny tho how things work out sometimes. Mark and I went a couple of yard sales on Friday, and didn't find much. Then on Saturday Daniel announced that his waterbed heater wasn't working. We checked it out and sure enough it wasn't working. We looked online for heaters on ebay, etc but they were 20 bucks or we'd have to wait for a week or so to get it. We really didn't want to have to buy one brand new. Then I remembered that at one of the yard sales, a lady had a waterbed mattress and heater for $5. We got up this morning and headed straight over there. She still had it...and had marked it down to $3!!! Wowee! We got that, then stopped at Arc just for fun and found a camp stove, we've been trying to piece together enough camping equipment to make at least a couple of trips this year. So now tonight or tomorrow we'll have to partially drain Daniel's bed and put in the new heater. The new three dollar heater, that is.

Mark's doing a late drop with Emma, the weather was a little iffy this morning and everyone wanted to wait and make sure it wasn't gonna go nuts. We'll have to watch the late edition of SFU, but that will be fun anyway.

Book sales are busy today, trying to keep up with the pulling and labeling while Mark is gone. Lots of pricey books selling today too, that's always nice. We've also been comissioned to sell some old comic books for a friend, I am going to put up a link to those soon if anyone is interested. Make an offer. Really.

Time to eat something.


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