Desert Sand Mica

Whatever, just crash it Bob...


Zzzz...we're already ready for bed.

Between running all over the Rec Center today, then this crazy carnival tonight..we're pooped. Emma is asleep on the sofa, we were home all of about 5 minutes before she was 'lights out'. Man, she had a great time. Pictures are ready to upload, but yahoo has it's thumb in its ass, as usual. I'll post the link later tonight or tomorrow.

The carnival was really crowded, and we had a pretty fun time, but we were irritated at how rude most of the kids were. They have no manners when it comes to waiting in line, or mowing people over without saying a word. I don't even know how many times kids butted in line around us, and the girls working the game booths had the worst sailor-mouths I've ever heard. But..what do you expect, anyway.

Emma came home with tons of little prizes, including 6 new goldfish from a "Scoop the Goldfish" game, which daddy commandeered, and competitve man that he is, had to scoop more than anyone else. lol. Good thing we had all the necessary provisions at home. Emma asked "how long will they live?" We both laughed and said "About a day or so.."


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