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I went to my appointment at Front Range, and I'm bouyed again. This counselor was really helpful and encouraging. So, the basic plan is to get all my pre-reqs out of the way during the 10 week summer session, then do a lot of Bio and other classes to work towards a paramedic certificate while I'm waiting to be called up for the nursing program. Great idea.

She said recruiters from hospitals are begging nursing students who are still a semester and a half away from graduating to "sign on" with them, at about 52K a year. I came home and sat down with Mark and talked about it, and he's really encouraging me to go, laying out financial plans that prove it's feasible. So now I sit back and wait for my financial aid award. Should be about another 3 weeks before I hear about that. The counselor today said it should be no question that I will get a full ride, plus books. I register April 17, and I have to test out of the Pre Algebra pre-req before then, or that puts me back a whole semester. Classes begin this here at home this evening...naked. Hee. Away we go........

Daniel is at a Sneak Preview of "Holes" with Cindi, and Katie is at work. It's quiet around here. Maybe I'll wrap Emma's birthday presents.

(PS to Dy...I couldnt live without my Swiffer) and (PPS - Fix your tagboard...please?)


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