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On Blogshares, and being a blog bitch.

What's it all about anyway? I really don't know. It seems pretty silly. Hostile takeovers, blog value, buying and selling shares in blogs. I don't really "get" it. Don't explain it to me, I really don't want to know. I registered, but it all seems like a big snooze if you ask me. But I will say that I have de-linked those who are playing but never reciprocally (I might have made up that word, so what) linked me, as they do not deserve the extra blogshare value. And you never even bothered to answer my email, Mr. M in Chicago. so... pfft. You're gone from the list. Y'all know that's a pet peeve of mine. People. If someone has the where-with-all and courtesy to read your stuff and then write and say "hey, what you're doing....keep doing that.." Dontcha think the proper thing to do is hit reply and let your fingers type out "thanks..."?

Also, it seems like just another reason for people to beg "blogroll me!!" Hey, I have an idea...don't blogroll me. Come and read if you you want and you think it's worth your time, otherwise, bug off. Blogrolling to me is simply an easy way for me to access my daily reads. If you click on them and like them too, great. If you don't..big deal. Believe me, I've clicked on plenty of links from other people's blogrolls (yes yours) and thought to myself..."they're reading this shit?!"

I don't read people because they're popular, I read other people's writing cause I like what they write, and I hope you're doing the same. I read blog writing that I find engaging, interesting, and I read writing from people whose lives are intellectually and emotionally contagious enough for me to want to check day after day and see what and how they're doing. Some of the the most popular bloggers remind me of Kimberly Look-at-me Caldwell on American Idol. Blech. I wouldn't link Sarah H*tt*r if you paid me a decent hourly wage to do so. (I'll let those searching for her name actually find her, wouldn't want someone to accidentally stumble here while eagerly searching for her name on the web.)

I don't know where all this came from. I don't rant about Bush and the war, and whether or not we should be in Iraq, so I'll stand on my soapbox and spew about blogrolling. That's as deep as it gets here folks. Move along, there is nothing to see here.


Six Feet Under was pretty good. That Lisa, lemme tell you. I just wanna..ooh, one of these days she's gonna get her come uppance I hope.


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