Desert Sand Mica

Whatever, just crash it Bob...


I better get to bed, or I'll be seeing pictures of Iraqi televisions again.

I've been sending out some resumes and posting my profile at some job sites to see if I get any nibbles. I still have 3 months left of Unemployment, and even after that there's no real rush, but I just want to have some money money. Not just enough, but I want to do stuff and go places and do more stuff and buy things. I'm grateful to have enough to stand still, but...

So anyway there's a couple of Exec Admin positions open, some very decent, up to, we'll shoot for those, sit and wait for the phone to not ring, and continue to provide the United States with used books. Business is pretty good right now, Im wondering if it will slack in the summer. Our biggest surges so far have been fall (textbooks) and Christmas. Maybe we'll just suspend our business in the summer when we're on our lovely 10 week cruise to the wonderful Isle of NOT. *sigh.

Tomorrow is definately hair cut day. Nothing drastic, don't get excited. But the Marcia Brady look has worn out it's welcome. I have some ideas...yes? no? too samey?


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