Desert Sand Mica

Whatever, just crash it Bob...


Please dont make fun, Im really freaked out about this. I saved a copy of both pictures that I saw, I wish I'd have paid better attention and taken a screen shot, or looked at the "view source" to get more information. Instead, I just right clicked and saved them with a file name of my choosing. dumb...'s what happened. Yesterday I opened Living Nappy's blog and saw only a white page with this picture in the upper left hand corner.

She often has political-statement type pictures on her blog, so I thought thats what it was. I thought maybe she found this picture so profound or something that she removed everything else on the page to show just this picture. I really though nothing of it. Then later..hours later..I opened Dy's blog and saw exactly the same thing. A completely white page, with the pic in the upper left corner. I was instantly freaked out, because my first thought was Dy wouldnt know how to do that. (and I'm sure Dy will take no offense at me saying that). I made special note to look at the url, to see if I had been redirected. But no, it was her regular blog address.

Then late last night, I opened my own blog and saw this picture just above the tagboard, where the "your stinky makes me cry" picture should have been.

Now I was really freaked out. I right clicked and saved the pic, then I went into "edit" to look at my template, to see if someone had replaced that "stinky" pic...but the image reference was still there, I clicked back into the blog and everything was back to normal again.

Mark and I had a long talk about it last night, he had some informative ideas about how someone could do it, but we couldnt really come up with a motivating factor. It's really creeped me out, I went to bed thinking about it, and woke up thinking about it too. It's really got me spooked.

So there's what I've been seeing, is it some clever hacker, something sinister..or what?


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