Desert Sand Mica

Whatever, just crash it Bob...


Not a bad day, in all.

Have you ever used one of those "u-scan" things at the grocery store? They're so damn sensitive it's ridiculous. " Please scan your next item." "Place your item in the bag." "Take the item out of the bag and put it in the bag again." "Remove items from the scan area." "Show your ID to the clerk now" "Don't touch that". "Why did you buy that?" "Bend over".

Katie called from SanFrancisco, said their hotel is very nice (of course) and that they are staying in the heart of downtown. I told her to take lots of pictures and have fun. She actually took her workout clothes with her. Gah.

We're going to Applebees because I have a hankerin' for a fried chicken salad or whatever the hell it is.


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