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Whatever, just crash it Bob...


I took a spin on the "find your old friends on the internet" ride...prompted by an entry at fussy's blog. There's two people I really regret losing touch with over the yars, my friends Lorri T, Debbie C, Julie C and Marion S. I found Lorri T easily enough..well sort of. Seems her and her hubby either opened or are planning to open a restaurant in Kirksville, Mo. Im thinking it already opened and closed, which is unfortunate. I didn't find any contact information at all.

I can't find Debbie because she has a really common last name, dead end there. I sorta kinda know where both Julie and Marion are, but I dont have email addresses, just phone numbers for them and I think it would be way weird to call them. Wouldnt it? What do you even say after so long?

It was fun tho, interesting to see people's internet presence "out there."


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