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Katie's home - whee!

They had a hella good time, and now she wants to move to San Francisco ( a month ago she wanted to move to Canada)..ah, to be 17 and have the world at your feet...remember? Now Im stressing that Im too old to go to school, and stressing that Im too young to feel like Im too old to go to school. I have an appointment with an advisor tomorrow, I'm taking it as an omen that I haven't got nary a nibble from the resumes I sent out in the past two weeks...that that means it's in the stars to go to school instead. We'll see what they say. I'm a little put off by the whole "waiting list" thing. Seems ridiculous to make folks wait that really want to get to learnin'. In 53 days I will be 41 years old. creeaakk . I don't have time to wait.

We went to Laguna's as planned, and as usual the service and food was stellar-rific. We had a coupon, so the whole ticket came to a whopping 8 bucks. We had time to spare so we went across the street to CB&Potts and had a few ale's and played pool for a bit. Mark won every game, but I came really close a couple of times. We haven't played in so long, it took a couple of games to get back in the swing. Fun, fun.

Now we're home with coffee in hand, rewinding the Six Feet Under tape. Waiting for the kids to go to bed, there's still too much activity in the house to concentrate on a show. We're still watching "Coupling" every night too, and are getting close to the end of the series. That's been such a fun show to watch, we laugh out loud at every single episode. The American version starts on NBC in April I hear..I can't imagine it will even hold a candle to the no-holes-barred British version.

Well, I've blogged. It's more than I can say for some of you. Slacker be thy name.


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