Desert Sand Mica

Whatever, just crash it Bob...


I got up this morning to shower for my Advisor appointment, and sat outside for a bit enjoying the great weather. I decided that I couldn't go to school. Cancelled my appointment, then called back in 5 minutes to reschedule it for tomorrow. Bah, Im such a ninny about this. I will go tomorrow. if only to cancel my registration because of the waiting list. That part really gets to me. *sigh.

We hit 2 Sally's today for books, but only came home with 5 bags. Still pretty good tho. Katie went with us, and that was fun. She found a lot of fun stuff, mostly clothes but also some Sam MacDonald shoes or something (Edit - Steve Madden shoes) that she was really excited about, for 75 cents.

I have to get up at the buttcrack of dawn tomorrow to take my mom in for some eye surgery. I have to be at her house at 8:00 and she won't get done for 4 hours. I will probably come back home, or just go to her house and hang out and read my lovely Weiner book. (By the way Laura, it was splitting down the spine, and no I didn't break it..but Mark fixed it.)

I was just laying on the couch a while ago taping a "Maternity Ward" episode for Emma, and barely following along (although I did manage to pay attention enough to edit out commercials) and the whole show was mostly about this one obstetrician that was really nice (and cute) and all the mothers just loved him, blah blah blah. Then right at the very end, they said "In 1995, Dr. So-and-So pulled over to help a couple who had had a roll over accident on the freeway and was struck and killed by a tractor trailer." I was like...gah! I started crying, it was very sad. They showed his funeral and it was overflowing with moms and babies that he had delivered. Emma will love the show tho, lots of mommies and babies, and babies coming out of mommies. She eats that stuff up.


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