Desert Sand Mica

Whatever, just crash it Bob...


I dont know why I'm blogging. My life is so damn dull and boring it's unbelievable.

We picked up 8 more bags of books today. See, isn't that just the most exciting thing you've ever heard?

Tomorrow is emma day, where has the week gone? Seems we just dropped her off. It'll be a good weekend though, we're doing some yard sales and stuff, and maybe swimming at the Rec Center. Katies been up there working out regularly and she's loving it. She wants an annual pass, I'm trying to figure out how to swing that moneywise.

We're amassing a collection of camping equipment, and are planning two trips this summer. One in June and one the weekend of July 25. The one in July will be nice, it'll be just after Amanda's wedding and just before school starts on Aug 13. So far we've bought a camp stove, are bidding on some tents on ebay, and today I picked up a great camping coffee pot at Salvation Army. Rare to find those big blue ones with all the parts still in em. I really miss camping, and it irritates me to no end that Dan has all the camping equipment. Gees, we had like 5 tents, 4 season bags, Thermarest thingies to sleep on, everything! And now he lives in the mountains so it's like he's camping every day anyway. Maybe he'll get eaten by a big bear.

Oooh, Kimberly Caldwell was >thisclose< to getting her butt booted on American Idol tonight. Poor Ricky, I really liked him a lot. But someone had to go. I'm rooting for Ruben, lemme tell you. 205! 205! 205! And what, are Carmen and Clay together?!

Tomorrow (Thursday) I will be sitting at the pc all day listing books. Someone IM me, wouldja?


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