Desert Sand Mica

Whatever, just crash it Bob...


I went over to my moms today, that was pretty fun. Amanda was there, she goes over there a lot on Sundays. We talked a lot about the house her and Justin just bought, my mom kept teasing her about how small it was. I'm proud as hell of her, buying a house at 21. Sheesh. I can't wait for the wedding, it's gonna be buttloads of fun.

It looks like we have quite a troupe going camping with us on July 25. We've booked and paid for a spot at a campground, even though I've never camped that way before. I'm used to burying my waste in the woods...but since we're taking Emma we wanted to go to a campground. We choose the Estes Park Campground. I really like Estes Park, plus it's close and I liked what they had there. So now not only are me, Mark and Emma going but it looks like Daniel, Katie, Charlie and Vanessa will be coming along too. Whee! Gonna be some fun. It won't be anything like the camping trips Daniel and I are used to, when we used to go with Dan. Lots of manly stuff going on then, including shooting an assortment of weapons all weekend long. This is really bad, but I remember when things were *not good* between Dan and I, and I would be shooting a gun or two into a target and I'd be thinking "I literally could shoot him right in the head right now." Heh. I didn't tho. Obviously.

Anyway, the trip should be a lot of fun. I like having something a few weeks away to look forward to, I've always been like that. I need something big down the road to keep me plugging away day after day. Mentally checking off days on the calendar as it were. We're going to try to do a trip before this one, probably early June to Kenosha. Two camping trips in one summer?! Holy cow, we're camping fools.


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