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Evening. Still no sleep. I will sleep tonight. I almost fell asleep during American Idol, (bye Carmen) but got up instead and started doing something else. I don't want to nap, I want to go to bed at a decent hour (what is that, 1am, 2am?) and sleep well. I'm also restless because Katie and Daniel went to have dinner with Dan and his wife (blech) for his birthday. They met about 25 miles away from here, which is about halfway between our house and Dan's house. I'm just worried about Katie driving on C470 and traveling so far. She's only tooled around Arvada, never going more than a couple of miles. And the exit that she needs to take from 470 to I-70 is very tricky. I warned her about it and she called before she left the restaurant to make sure she understood.

I've been so irritated at people today. Not people in this house, thank goodness. (for them). But I went to the grocery store (for Denny's people chow supplies, among other things) and I swear to God I was completely on edge and I had no patience for anyone or anything. I should have had a clue when I got to the store and there were two-count-em-two Retirement home vans parked outside. Empty. So you know where all those folks were dontcha? In the damn store, of course. There were old ladies talking to themselves, old ladies with humps leaning so heavily on their carts I was tempted to push it out from under their grip just to see their reaction. Then there was the old man talking quite animatedly to himself, loudly...something regarding the strawberries in the sale ad. I swear, these people stand smack dab in the middle of the aisle like they're the only ones there. I also witnessed this gem:

Old guy: I'm gonna get some o' this sloppy joe mix
Wife: You don't like that.
Old guy: I don't?
Wife: No. Put it back.

To boot, they've moved the pop tarts. For the last three times Emma has been here, I haven't had any pop tarts. I kept forgetting every time I went to the store. Well today I put it on the list. Finally at the end of shopping, I still had no pop tarts. I went back to the cereal aisle. Up..down...turn pop tarts. They've moved the pop tarts. After all these ridiculous geriatric escapades and pop tart searching I finally ask a worker where they are.

"We moved them to aisle 4"
Aisle 4? There isn't shit on aisle 4. I get over there and realize why I've forgotten pop tarts for the last three shopping trips. It's the canned veggie/canned fruit aisle. I don't go down that aisle. gah....

Then... (I know you're just riveted to your screens) I got home and Katie was in a panic about some picture she needed copied to put in a frame for Dan. I offered to shit in a paper bag for his gift, but she declined politely. She wanted to go by Walgreens and use the Kodak machine before they went up for dinner, but she didn't have time to do everything else plus that, so I offered to go do the picture.

I don't know if you've ever used one of these machines but they harbor Satan inside, I'm certain. I was there for an hour! Finally we got it to work, no thanks to "Chris" the film counter attendant, who would be better suited wearing a paper hat somewhere.


What else. I've listed about 750 books in the past three days. I'm a listing fool. (Oh, I hear you..."well, you're a fool anyway, Danelle...") But business is really really good, and I want to keep up the momentum. More books listed is more books sold.

Well, Katie and Daniel are home safe and sound and the coffee is brewing.

Oh, guess what. I have an appointment tomorrow. To get my haircut! aaaggghhh!


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