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I have a strange and mysterious interview tomorrow. It's for some sort of personal assistant, for this woman who seems very nice..yet private. That's the best way to put it. The adverstisement I originally answered went to one name, I got an email back from soneone with another name, and now tomorrow I am meeting this woman, who has an extremely fake sounding name.

She claims to be very influencial in the community, yet I can find no reference to her name online anywhere. And we're not meeting at her house, we're meeting at her church. Her voice would imply that she is quite aged, but we'll see. The job is allegedly for 1 day a week, plus some errands running. She wants someone that is experienced with the internet, and ecommerce. Hey, I can do that. She sent me this nice note after receiving my resume:

Thank you for your beautifully-presented application for part time work as clerical/internet/microsoft Word expert sent to Mr and Mrs Warren. We were impressed, in comparison to the numerous pieces of mis-spelled, and incomplete "junk" we receive "in lieu" of the required documents.

I'm looking forward to the interview, will keep ya posted of course.

We didn't go to the post office yesterday, we were just so tired after getting up early and running around (we went car shopping for Katie and then book buying after the breakfast) that we took 3 hours naps in the afternoon and said Hell with the post office. lol. So today, you can imagine what's waiting to mail. At least 50 books, plus 4 big big boxes. And *I* get to go today, since Mark is doing the Emma drive. GAH! It's going to take me 3 trips at least to get all this in the po, then I get to face the glares and knives at my back while I take up 45 minutes of one clerks time.

Katie lost her cell phone. Bleh.

Time to go - I have to get things ready for Mark to leave for Fairplay. I always pack him a little cooler for the drive. Sodas, snacks, and apple juice for The Emster.

Later Gators..


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