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I love the food network. I really do. I don't cook like that, but it's great fun. When there's nothing else on tv, (frequently) I have the food network on in the background.

And I love "Hot Off The Grill with Bobby Flay". Fun, entertaining.
But that woman. People.

Have you seen this show? Have you seen this woman? Jacqui Malouf.

First of all that name. What is that? Canadian? She's the un-coolest Canadian I've ever seen. The Canadians I know are very down-to-earth and unpretentious. (Well, except Celine Dion but c'mon.)

She is the most annoying person ever to appear in my 27 inch.

The looks she gives Bobby Flay is so flagrantly sexual and in turn she's trying to tell us something. I don't what it is, but she's the type of person that always has some look on her face that speaks volumes.

"I'm sooo much cuter than you"
"Me and Bobby...we're tight"
"I'm too sexy for this show"
"I have no body fat"
"Look at my teeth"

Bobby Flay responds in kind to the sexual innuendos and smirks. He looks so foolish.

Oh my gosh, I just read where she is a comedic actress from Ontario. And what makes a comedic actress qualified to side-kick a cooking show?

Jacqui has lived all over the world, cultivating her affinity for good food in such places as Brazil, Europe and the Caribbean.

So what are they saying? She's "eaten a lot of different stuff?" Ridiculous.

And this:
"She's working on a cookbook at the moment and appears in two independent films due out next year."

Cookbook? Let's call it "Here's some stuff I've eaten that someone else cooked."

Sorry. It's late, Im tired.

btw, Iron Chef rules.


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