Desert Sand Mica

Whatever, just crash it Bob...


- Last But Not Least -

Last web page you visited before this:
Last person you spoke to in person: Emma
You said: Are you going to watch this movie or not?
Last person you heard talking: Mark
They said: I'm going to take a nap
Last song you heard: Maroon 5 - Harder to Breathe
Last person who called you on the phone: Amanda
They said: She told me what I needed to buy for Daniel to be an usher at her wedding
Last person you called on the phone: Katie
You said: Did you hide the Nintendo controllers? (she did)
Last time you showered/bathed: Yesterday afternoon
Last time you shaved anything: Not yesterday afternoon
Last time you took medicine: About 30 mins ago
What was it? An antacid
Last time you took a vitamin: Today, and everyday
Last time you stayed up past 2am: Last night, and everyday
Last time you slept till noon: Yesterday
Last tv show you watched - hmm, I guess Survivor. I haven't watched TV since Thursday night
Last thing you read (not online): A chapter in the book Im reading, "Dropped Threads"
Last thing you ate: an egg sandwich
Last thing you cooked for someone else: an egg sandwich
Last thing you drank: Diet Coke (still drinking it)
Last time you got money in the mail: Today, for an ebay auction of books
Last time you mailed money to someone: Wow, I dunno. Not for a long time. I pay all my bills online. All of them. I don't even mail a rent check every month, at the beginning of our lease we gave the landlord 12 rent checks, she cashes one a month.
Last time you got a package in the mail: Today, A knife I ordered
Last time you mailed a package to someone else: Today, and everyday (well, cept Sunday)
Last time you stayed in a hotel/motel: Umm, September when we drove the Elantra back from Washington DC after winning it on ebay.
Where was it?: Oh, Im not sure. Kansas?
Last person's house you visited: I guess my moms on Easter. I can't remember, I never go to anyone's house.
Last place you drove to: Arc, last night
Last place you were driven: You mean besides insane? - Tumbling, this morning
Last thing you got in trouble for: I wasn't listening when Mark explained something to me and he got irritated. (Actually, he was mumbling)
Last thing you said, to someone else in trouble: "Daniel, get those knives off your waterbed"
Last time you went outside: A few minutes ago to get the mail
Last person you spoke to outside of your family: A lady at tumbling
You said: "Have a nice Mother's Day tomorrow."
Last thing you said outloud that no one could hear except you: "C'mon, you idiot" (a web page was loading too slow for my liking)
Last thing that annoyed you: Daniel is using a Dremel right now, and the sound is grating on my nerves.
Last time you said "I Love You": About 10 minutes ago

Now you go do it. C'mon, what else do you have to do?


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