Desert Sand Mica

Whatever, just crash it Bob...


It's getting nicer out, I can't wait for summer.

I am doing my public service duty to remind everyone to please please please keep a can of insect repellant by the door of your house and douse up when you go out. The predictions for the West Nile Virus this year are so scary. They are anticipating many many deaths, with the elderly and the young being particularly prone. One article I just read said even one bite on your toddler should alarm you, and should alert you that you are not being careful enough. I have a good brand of repellant, and it sits right in the window by the front door. Get used to smelling "wood scented", all.

Make sure you have no standing water in your yard, including dog bowls. And for goodness sakes, stay as far away as possible from dead birds.

Other than that little tidbit, I'm not in the mood to write.


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