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I signed up some weeks ago to participate in the May Day Project.

"Over one day in may, people all over the world will be taking a photograph an hour to illustrate a day in their life. The may day project is about collecting glimpses into people's lives through photographs. whether they be self portraits, landscapes or macros, candid or posed, snapshots or something more creative - we want to see what your day was like saturday may 10th 2003."

Should be fun, I'm charging up my camera batteries as we speak. It'll be fun to put together a webpage of the photos. You should do it too.

Well, I had a helluva time finding somewhere that still had reservations open for a Mother's Day Brunch. Good Lord, I had no idea it would be such an ordeal. I would have done it days ago, but I didn't think it would be a problem. We managed to squeak in at CB & Potts at 2:30pm for their buffet brunch, should be nice. (Note to self, call Cindi and let her know before she reads this). Emma brought me a surprise for Mother's Day, and keeps asking us every day if it's time to open it yet. "Is it time to open your present yet?! It's a birdfeeder!"

Speaking of Emma-isms, I had mentioned to her that we were having barbequed chicken for dinner, and while we were out and about today, she asked "Are we still having garbage-chewed chicken for dinner?" HA!

More funny stuff - one thing that is annoying when we go book buying is trying to keep people out of our cart of books. It's so loaded up, people assume it's just another stash of books that Salvation Army didn't have time or inclination to put away. So one of us always stays close by so we can fend off the buggy robbers. It's constant, really. At least twice every book buying trip we have to tell people that "Sorry, those are our books." Emma caught on to this some time ago, as a matter of fact, around Christmas, we had set aside a 17" monitor for my mom while we were book shopping and someone came up to look at it. Emma jumped up from her seat and said "That's Gramma Maxines!" heh. So anyway, today..we didn't have a buggy cause this particular Sally only has one. So we were piling books up off to the side, on the floor and Emma was sitting nearby on a bed that had been set up. Apparently someone started pilfering the books, cause I heard Mark go over there and say "Oh, those are ours" and Emma piped up "I told her, but she wouldn't listen!" lol - So evidently she's our new book monitor. Also today, I stepped out of her line of sight for a moment and I heard her loudly say "Someone needs to be looking after me!" Damn, she makes me laugh.

I didn't go to bed last night until the sun was coming up this morning, it was about 5:30am. I got going on straightening and filing in the "library" and didn't want to stop, knowing the momentum would be gone today. (It was). Funny, for two nights in a row I've been outside smoking a cigarette when the paper-guy came to throw papers. Yikes.

I guess that's about it. Booksales are still very busy, for a variety of reasons. the program Mark wrote has enabled us to lower our prices of books that we had been undercut on, and also had a bug for sometime that neglected to show about 600 books of ours. With both of those things in place, it's stepped up sales quite a bit. Fun, but crazy. We're training Katie to "do the books" while we're in Atlanta. Lordy.


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