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I have to mention..

Last night Mark and I were watching Animal Precinct (Hi Laura!) and this one guy had 247 cats in his house! It was insanity. The neighbors had complained about the smell of cat urine, which prompted the Humane Society to investigate. Can you imagine how bad the house was if the neighbors were complaining?

The house was completely and totally overrun with wild cats. The owner had actually started living in the garage. It took 8 workers two 8-hour days to get them all, and they probably still didn't. The guys house was completely trashed. Layers and layers of cat hair coated everything. Every surface was covered in cat hair. Feces, food and god knows what else was ankle deep. The workers skin was actually burning from the ammonia in the air, and they had protective suits on, like a beekeeper would wear.

The owner said he started out with just a couple of cats, and before he knew it things were out of control. He had to have been mental somehow to consent to those conditions. It was a small house too, maybe 1000 sq feet or so. There were cats in the rafters, in drawers, everywhere. Mark and I sat there watching with our mouths gaped open.

I think out of everything the thing that grossed me out the most was the cat hair. I have a total aversion to cat hair, even though I own a cat. But you won't find cat hair layering any surface in this house. I vacuum the back of the couch (where schatze lays) almost every day. If I see cat hairs on something, I get really disgusted and grossed out. I won't buy clothes, blankets or pillows at thrift stores that have cat hair on them. It's just a "thing" with me, yanno? God, I can still picture the mounds and layers of cat hair in that house. Blech.

See what you're missing Stacey?


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