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Whatever, just crash it Bob...


Just a quick note cause Im pooped.

The yard cleanup went well, cause there was a lot of us there. Me, Cindi, Amanda, Katie and Charlie. Took us about 2 hours. It wasn't so bad, but I still hate anything remotely connected to yardwork.

This week is a once a year opportunity for residents of Arvada to throw away anything they want. It's a free service the city offers so people can get rid of their junk. We took a drive around, and went NUTS!

We came home twice to unload. We found 2 bikes for Emma, one is a trike and one is a bigger bike for later, we found a nearly new portable heater, a big roll of bubble wrap, a waterbed heater, and tons and tons and tons of wood. If anyone was looking for building materials, it was heaven on earth. Wood, siding, chicken wire, fence, carpet, padding...seriously..everything!

There were traffic jams on the streets of people doing slow drive bys looking at people's junk. Sometimes it seemed like a race to get to the stuff. This one house we drove by had some really nice plywood Mark wanted so we started to slow down. Just then this lady drove up out of nowhere and practically mowed me down to get to a microwave. It was insane! Every house has crap piled in the driveway like nothing you've ever seen. We were laughing so hard at how funny it all was. We've never seen so many hot water heaters on the sidewalk in one day. Crazy! But it was hella fun.

AND - the most exciting news is that while we were "dumpster diving" we found a cute little Subaru GL for sale. It had a sign on it that said $900. Exactly how much money Katie had saved for a car. We took it for a drive, called Katie, and her and Charlie came and looked at it. And guess what..Katie has a new car! We signed sealed and delivered all in about an hour. AND the lady took $750 for it. It's in really good shape, needs a little this and that but basically is gonna be a fantastic car for Katie. I'll take a picture tomorrow. Whee!

We came home and watched Six Feet Under and got Taco Bell. Twas a good day.

Tomorrow is book buying day, Katie has a dentist appointment, and then Amanda is having a Wedding Invitation addressing party tomorrow night. Plus I need to sort out Katie's insurance and temporary plates. Gah. Tuesday I have a dentist appointment, Wednesday we are going to Six Flags, Thursday is my birthday and Mark will be in Monte Vista, then Friday...well...Friday might be free after all. Whew.


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