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Whatever, just crash it Bob...


Soo...we went to two thrift stores, and found some stuff. I can't even remember what right now.

Tonight we spent the evening at my dads, and it was really fun. Even though he tells the same stories every time you see him, he's still entertaining to be around. He and his wife both work in a funeral home, she does mostly office stuff but my dad does prep work, picks up bodies and works the services. They always have the most interesting work stories to tell.

Tonight he told us about this one woman that came in a few days ago and wanted to have her amputated finger cremated. She wanted to make sure that when she eventually died, that all her parts were together. So she had this finger cremated, and will put it with the rest of her ashes when she dies. Nutty! Some stories they tell are funny, most are really sad. My dad is such a gregarious, people-person friendly's unfortunate that everyone he meets on the job is going through probably the worst time in their lives.

Today at work he was doing prep for an 80 year old man. He said he and his wife were extraordinarily healthy, and living it up in their retirement. A few years ago they bought a house with a 3rd story deck that they would sit out on and watch the sun set every matter what. If they were home, they went out to watch the sun set together. Well last night, they were on the deck and he went into the house to get his wife some more ice tea, tripped on the landing of the doorway, fell and hit his head and died on the spot. --wow - It's cliche to say..but 'you just never know'.

BONUS is that I got to spend the entire evening holding my puppy, so that was even better. He's getting pretty old, he'll be 10 years old this year. Pekingnese dogs (he is) tend to not live as long as some other dogs, usually 9-12 is their life expectancy. He's almost completely deaf, but he still has almost all of the personality he had when he was little. I'm not sure if he knew who I was, but he stayed with me almost the whole night.

We had dinner, and dessert and coffee and dinked on his computer a bit. I made him a CDRom of all the wedding pictures - showers, rehearsal, wedding, etc - and he wanted to look at all of those. That was fun, but my dad is really not a computer guy. "double click? what do you mean?"

I wanted to leave there a little bit early, because I still had to go to the grocery store for water world tomorrow, plus they get up at 4:30 in the morning. But they kept wanting us to stay, offering to make coffee, we didn't leave till around 10:30. Katie and I went to the grocery store after that, and lollygagged around in there for about an hour, for just $40 worth of stuff. The King Soopers around here is so weird at night. First of all they turn almost all the lights off. Then every aisle is completely blocked and crammed with stuff they are restocking.

Then when it is time to check out, we're always afraid we're going to get this one really grouchy night time guy. He always acts so damn irritated when he sees you pull your buggy up to the checkout. I swear I can hear him exhale as he rolls his eyes. But tonight it was the young fun night time guy. Tonight I had already gotten in line while Katie went and got one more thing. She came back and said "oh no, is it grouchy check-out guy?" But thank goodness, it wasn't.

Seems like everyone in the store at this time, workers and customers alike are really friendly and even flirtatious. heh.

Ok, that's enough. Later gators.


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