Desert Sand Mica

Whatever, just crash it Bob...


Not doing much today.

Trying to get some stuff tidied up and get some more auctions ready to upload tomorrow. I also have several things to ship tomorrow, so Mark is helping me get those boxed.

I've managed to make it through today without feeling constantly depressed. I talked to Katie for a long time last night and that helped a lot. She's wise beyond her years, that's for sure. Then I woke up this morning realizing that Amanda and Justin are in the Bahamas by themselves, and neither of them have ever been on a trip without a "seasoned" adult traveler. I hope if there are any glitches or if anything goes wrong they can handle it. I hope they would know to call if they needed anything in an emergency.

I did crop all the wedding pictures, and will try to get those up on a page or something soon. It was all I could do just to look at them for just a little bit.

I realized too that some of what I was/am feeling is from being back in that church. That church changed a lot of things in my life in the past, most of them good. I miss the people, I miss the music, and I miss Bernie's preaching. He's just so damn good. Katie and I are going to keep looking for a church we like.

I just feel sad, and lonely, and unnecessary.


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