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Whatever, just crash it Bob...


Taking a few minutes to chill before packing a bag for tomorrow...

The rehearsal went great, Amanda and Justin have incorporated some amazing and precious things into their ceremony. It will certainly be a wedding people will remember, I think.

The dinner was catered by Johnny Corrino's, and it was really nice to just sit and chat to my dad and Marla, and some other people from church that I haven't seen in a long time.

It will be fun to see some people tomorrow that I haven't seen in ages, I'm looking forward to that.

We ran through the whole wedding, and then..the dreaded slide show. It starts with them both as infants, and goes through their lives, pictures side by side of each of them doing nearly the same thing...halloween, sitting in their highchairs, goofing around with cowboy hats's really cool. I lost it at the picture of Amanda standing in the doorway of their new house that's just being built.

Cindi and I both cried...heartily. I'm glad I saw it tonight though, maybe it won't make me so weepy tomorrow. Ah, who am I kiddin'...

At the rehearsal dinner Amanda and Justin each read a short note of acknowledgement to each attendant. It was really sincere and touching, and neither one of them could stop from crying through the whole thing. One of Amanda's bridesmaids is a friend she's had since early elementary school. Another is Justin's sister, and Katie is her maid of honor. Justin's dad is his best man, which I think speaks volumes about their relationship, and the kind of guy Justin is.

Katie and I had to make one more trip to Hobby Lobby today, cause we forgot to get stuff to decorate the car! Did you know they have little dobbers of paint specifically for writing on cars? I love it!

Off to finish all the last minute business. The wedding is at 2pm MDT, look at the clock and wish them good luck from wherever you are..

Here's a couple of pictures from tonight, so you don't feel too left out.

Amanda and Katie waiting for direction..

Amanda and Daniel

Amanda's friend Deanna, after hearing Amanda's message to her at the rehearsal dinner.

Amanda and Justin heading down the aisle, after the rehearsal.


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