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Is it mommy day yet?

This week has been a bit trying. We're trying to get a million things done and Emma is charmingly-but-nonetheless constantly underfoot and chattering incessantly. We could use to go out for a beer, for sure. Soon..soon. And then we'll be wishing it was daddy day again.

Mark and Dy's divorce hearing is set for October 2. A long time coming if you ask me. It'll be nice to not have that looming - everyone knowing it needs to get done, but no one wanting to actually do it. They both have to take a parenting class and fill out their financial affidavits asap, but other than that it should be pretty smooth sailing. They've already agreed to everything a long time ago, so there's no pissing contest on the horizon.

Dan and I agreed on basically everything before we went to court, but there's was still a few glitches. The courts (here in Colorado anyway) verify random bits of information you give them on your financials, and a couple of our things came up a little hokey on ours. Mine was an accident, Dan's was on purpose. He purposely reported that he paid more rent than he actually did, and they caught him. He got an embarassing lecture in court, and ended up paying more child support than he though he would. My error was only because I'd had a increase in pay since I filled out the forms. All in all, it wasn't the worst experience of my life, but it wasn't pleasant. I cried a bit during the hearing and the judge kept asking me if I was sure I wanted to do this. It wasn't that I wanted to stay married, I was just so sad that so much of my life was wasted on him, and here I was starting over. Bleh...bad memory! Bad! away!

Anyway -
We did a bit of book buying today, I think 10 bags all together. We're having ARC come and do a pickup tomorrow, of all the books we have had set aside for months that we couldnt list, or that were damaged..or whatever. I can't believe the pile in the driveway. I will take a picture tomorrow and show you. We decided when we hear the truck coming, we are going to hide.

We also picked up Emma's glasses today, she lost a lens at her moms house, and we had to take them in for repair. Emma was so happy! Of course she immediately put them on ..and then fell down on the sidewalk. lol

It's been a productive day, but now I need to go tackle the kitchen before I go to bed. Dy gets back from Louisianna tomorrow, and the kitchen and living room are tres unacceptable. She'll be here Thursday and Friday, and then come to the wedding before heading down for all parts southward.

And then it will be glorious mommy day.

I don't think I have ever needed a shower more than I do right now.


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