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Whatever, just crash it Bob...


You know, speaking of those self-check things. Ugh. (We were, trust me.)

I love the convenience, I really do. The problem is it rarely ever turns out to be faster..or even reasonably fast. Something is always always always wrong. And the voice on there, really isn't very nice, do you think?

"Please put the item in the bag".
(She almost sounds like she's gritting her teeth)

"Remove the last item FROM the bag and scan it again."
(I don't want to do that, then I've paid for it twice, you see..)

At this point you look over at the guy monitoring all four self-check lanes and he's not looking at you. He finally does and waves you on to continue. Already you could have had an entire cart of groceries checked from a regular person.

One time Mark and I were at Home Depot and they have really sensitive self-checkers. He picked something up out of the bag after bagging it. EEek! I made him hurry and throw it back in and the voice said "Stop moving the bag around!" Oh my god we laughed so hard...

And then..the cigarettes. If you need cigarettes, you..are..screwed.! The guy is counting money or someshit and there's already another self-check lane with a light flashing. You're a good 2, 3 minutes away from getting any attention from this yahoo.

Finally you're done and it takes your card, and it's all over and you've missed half of The Amazing Race already.


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