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The Worst Cars Of The Millenium have been announced.
*I'm proud to announce, I've owned two of them.

10. VW Bus
09. Renault Dauphine
08. Cadillac Cimarron
07. Dodge Aspen/Plymouth Volare
06. Renault LeCar
05. Chevy Chevette*
04. AMC Gremlin
03. Ford Pinto*
02. Chevy Vega
01. Yugo

"A few months ago we asked Car Talk visitors to vote for the top five guy cars and chick cars. We got thousands of nominations and, ultimately, two top five lists. But we also got lots of e-mails from gay and lesbian readers saying, "What about us?"
Well, how would we know (being boring heterosexuals)?
So, you tell us . . . We'll take your nominations for the ultimate gay car and the ultimate lesbian car."

And those results...
10. Chevy S10
09. Volvo Wagon
08. Ford Ranger
07. Nissan X-Terra
06. Geo Tracker
05. Honda CRV
04. Ford F150
03. Jeep Wrangler
02. Subaru Forester
01. Subaru Outback

Gay Men:
10. Chrysler Sebring (heh - Mark had one of those)
09. VW Cabrio
08. VW Golf
07. Saturn SC1
06. Saab 900
05. Mazda Miata
04. Jeep Wrangler
03. BMW 3 Series
02. VW Beetle
01. VW Jetta


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