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I like to go back and read people's 100 things etc after I've known them for a while, even if I read it in the beginning. It's insightful.

I just re-read Laura's and laughed at how many things we have in common, and yet how many things we are poles apart on. I hate Grace from Will and Grace too. And Poodles! GOD I hate poodles. Answering the phone, Mac Davis..the list goes on and on. But to the other degree, some things she hates I am quite fond of. Cosmopolitan magazine (how else would I learn "How to touch him tonight!"?) lol. I like Christina Aguilera (music, I have no opinion of her as a person) - and while she hates people that don't like live plants, I loathe live plants. heh. I guess that's what Laura and I get along pretty well, and seem to be able to talk up a good clip. It's all in the variety, folks. Plus, she's the type (I hope I'm the type too) that can appreciate the difference and not try to turn someone's thinking into theirs. Things are nice, that way.


Water World was a blast and half. Only Mark and Emma and I went, so we parked our stuff down by one of the kids areas, so Emma could play to her hearts content while we sat close by. We did the Laaaazzeeeeee River again, and Emma didn't get scraped this time. I showed her how to push off from the wall if we drifted too close. We also did one of the big tube rides, and played in the big waves of Thunder Bay. Looove Water World.

Came home and had a shower a deux and now am trying to get some work done.

The wedding is just over a week away. I'm getting a little nervous. I'm really unsure how emotional Im going to be..though I think probably a lot. I don't want to be a blithering mess, but I know I will feel melancholy. I want to enjoy it, and just revel in Amanda's celebration.

I hope I can let go enough to do that. It's not like she's moving away, or I'm losing her in any sense at all. It's more of a sadness at the passing of time. I don't know where the last 22 years went. I remember so little of her childhood, and I have more regrets than I care to think about. I coulda, I shoulda...I didn't. Lots of those.

But I also take a little bit of pride in the woman that she's become. She's self-sufficient, she's independant, and she has a nice set of big hairy balls when she needs em, yanno? She's a good employee, she's a good friend, she's a good sister, and she's a great daughter. She's thoughtful and kind, and she's definately cute as a button. I always worry about her, she's got a soft heart and gets hurt so easily. I just hope she has a good life, and that her marriage is happy, and that they never try to do anything to hurt each other. I hope she keeps her strong faith all through her life, and that sadness and heartbreak will pass her by most of the time.

While my faith isn't as publically pronounced as it once was, I feel my life has certainly been touched and blessed, certainly by my kids. I feel that I've gotten what I've deserved, both good and bad. I don't pray as much as I used to, but when I do..I always ask that they remain safe and healthy, and that any earthly rewards or blessings that are in the pipe for me, be passed on to them. They deserve of their lives have been really shitty. that I am a blithering idiot at my pc, I will go and get a tissue.


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