Desert Sand Mica

Whatever, just crash it Bob...


Just sitting around not doing much at all. Eating breadsticks from Fazoli's (where Katie works) and drinking soda like there's no tomorrow. (There is a tomorrow, right?)

Dy has yet to arrive. They must have left pretty late cause it's already after 10. I hope she has my new kitty. I fell in love with one of her kitties (Marla) when we were down there, and after Marla just had a litter she offered her up to me. She's been fixed and the kittens are weaned, so I hope she brought her this time. She's so snuggly and lovey, totally opposite from Schatze. Schatze is interesting and funny in his own way..but not a snugly cat, that's for sure.

My ebay auctions are going awesome, and I have a lot more stuff lined up behind them to list. I don't like to have too many auctions up at once, cause then when they all end it's a scramble to keep track of who has paid, and what needs shipped where.

I think our bookstore at has most of our 7500+ items in it. I will put up a link on the side over there, so Laura can check out the artsy-fartsy section.

I guess that's it for now. Dull, dull. I think I want coffee.


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