Desert Sand Mica

Whatever, just crash it Bob...


It's hot, it's's really freaking hot.

Katie and I are headed out to a thrft store, one Mark doesn't care for much because it's mostly clothes. Whee.

Other than that we are hunting lost books (5 right now..not good) and monitoring and uploading ebay auctions. Still no mannequin yet, dammit. Where is my mannequin? Have you seen my mannequin? Maybe the dingo ate my mannequin. (Trent and Cindi are laughing).

I did manage to clean my desk off a little bit. Got rid of the trash and piled all the papers into a pile that looks somewhat organized but really isn't. At least I can see wood again.

Ok, we're off. Have a wonderful day, and I hope you are somewhere air conditioned. Asshole.


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