Desert Sand Mica

Whatever, just crash it Bob...


There ain't much to say, I'll tell ya that much.

We hung around this oven of a house most of the day, then had to trek out to take Daniel to weightlifting and then for a haircut. Katie went to a movie (Spellbound) with Char this evening, and was so thoughtful to leave her car here for me. Normally she would take her car up to Charlie's and then he would drive wherever,

I went to Kmart and the grocery store, and I think I was gone about 2 hours. Just meandering around...alone. Heaven... I broke my beloved sunglasses at Amanda's shower the other day, so I got some more at Kmart, plus a tank top. Summer stuff is cheap now folks! Go! Go now!

My desk is an absolute cluster fuck. A bigger desk space just means more places to pile shit, it seems. Dy is coming tomorrow to spend the night before she jets to Louisianna (can you say stifling humidity?) for a week or so. I really need to get off my cotton candy eating ass and tidy this place up. It's just too hot, tho.

We didn't do anything about the why-did-we-buy-this-car-you-said-you-wanted-it-no-you-said-you-did car today. Too depressing.

All I can say is where is the shibby.


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