Desert Sand Mica

Whatever, just crash it Bob...


Well, Dy came and went, and is now on her way to muggy N'Awlins. Emma will be here until the day before the wedding, when Dy comes back..then she'll stay for the wedding and head back. Next week is going to probably be ultra nutso. Tomorrow I have to go to Amanda's work, pick up her dress and take it down to the Bridal shop to have it pressed. I still need to take my dress in for pressing too. Gah.

We also got our new kitty. She's so sweet and tiny, barely a whisper of a cat. Schatze just roams around the house randomly hissing, whether Marla is in the vicinity or not. As if to say "I am really pissed off about this"... Marla's already found the food and the litter box, I might let her come outside with me for a bit, so she can get the smell of the area. I would hate to let her outside and then have her start walking 250 miles back to Monte Vista. "here kitty kitty!"

Mark's been up since around 6:45am, he took Dy to the airport and didn't go back to bed. Just thinking about that makes me tired. When he got out of bed this morning, I was thinking "I could not get out of bed right now for a thousand dollars." But then thought I probably would..for a thousand dollars. But Dy doesn't pay anywhere near that for a ride to the airport.

Hanging around the house today, Water World tomorrow. Have fun sitting at your desks. muwahaha.


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