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Ellen Degeneres has a special on HBO this month and it is fuunnn-neee. I've always really liked her, I watched her show, stand-up, read her book, etc. I was watching her before it was fashionable to be gay.

If you watch her for any length of time (especially on this current special) you really get a sense of how regular and genuinely nice she is, and how funny the everyday situations we are in truly are.

Katie and I were laughing our asses off and just kept saying "oh my god, that's so true". If you get a chance to see it, you should. Guaranteed guffaws.

It's been a slow day, and not much fun. It's just too damn was really really miserable. Folks around here were just steering clear of each other because the heat was making everyone grouchy. And the forecast holds more of the same. 92-101 all week long. Gahhh...

We have 7 fans going in the house at all times when it's that hot. We have them coinfigured so the fans on the fourth floor are blowing outside, taking the hottest part of the house air and getting rid of it. We have an evaporative cooler in the living room window, but it's really only designed for one small room, so it feels nice only if you're sitting in front of it. It's like a mortal sin to open the front door or peek out the living room window and let any sun in.

Daniel has a friend spending the night, Craig. It's kinda weird when Daniel has a friend over..he's not a very good host, and they seem too old to be sleeping over. Nearly 16 for goodness sakes. Boys that age act suspicious and are vague about their activities anyway. Put two of them together and suddenly you're convinced they are smoking crack at the baseball field. Craig seems really nice though. He's polite and courteous, and seems to be a pretty upstanding guy.

Daniels got more friends now than he's ever had at any other period in his life. He has about 4 regular guy friends that call and that he hangs out with, and right now just one girl. (Just friends, I think). I'm so glad. He's been virtually friendless for years it seems like. His teachers would say he was a loner, and he would tell me he was lonely. He's a good guy though, and he's slowly coming around.

Im pooped. Later gators.


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