Desert Sand Mica

Whatever, just crash it Bob...


Katie and I went to church this morning, at the church near here that I used to belong to, got baptised at and married at. We decided it had w-a-y too many old people. Plus, they don't have a pastor right now. The guest speaker was good tho. We're gonna try somewhere else next week probably.

We then went to Wal-Mart and COlorado Mills mall to get some last minute bachelorette party gifts and novelties. Oops, I just wrote something else we got for Amanda but forgot, she reads here. Doh. I'll tell you later. It was so nice and cool in the mall and it is so damn hot in the house. As Katie and I were driving home she made the astute observation: "It's too damn hot to even talk." yup.

I'm holed up in my room with a fan in the window and a floor fan pointed right at my face...not ocsillating. I have the door shut and am escaping the 5 year old constant commentary for a while. (You can do that when you're's great)

Katie just left to go to Char's and then Amanda's for a while. Daniel is in and out, and I'm not moving from this dual fan location until the sun sets.

Oh and yes, the kitchen was clean last night but now it is a mess again. Pfftt.


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