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Runnin' around..runnin' around

It's been that kinda day. Went to Wal-Mart with Katie for *more* bachelorette party things. Shee whiz. I also got a new strapless bra for my dress for the wedding. The strapless one I have is so bleh. It doesn't even go all the way around you, it has these sticky things that stick on your skin to hold it in place. Or are supposed to stick on your skin anyway. They never worked all that well. Plus I had to get a white bra for the dress Im wearing to the rehearsal dinner. You all are on the edge of your seats aren't you!!? All this bra damn exciting.

Then I had to take Daniel to go get his "ushering" pants. Found some nice ones for not too much. I even paid retail. Gah! But only $9. Heh.

We made a huge dinner tonight of bbq pork ribs, krab salad, cornbread and mac & cheese. It was deelicious! It was finally cool enough today to cook something! It's beyond fathomable to heat up the oven lately. there was talk of going to Water World tomorrow, but I think we might go book buying instead. I wanted to go get a little more "sun" before Saturday, but..there's just too many other things to do. Emma's glasses were broke and they are done being repaired so we have to go get those too. Runnin' around...


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