Desert Sand Mica

Whatever, just crash it Bob...


We're home for a quick shower before the rehearsal. The food prep went well today, there were lots of hands which made for light work. Lots of food, though. We dipped about a million strawberries in chocolate, and about 1000 ended up on the trays..cause we couldn't resist!

The gym looks absolutely fabulous. They have white lights coming down from the center to the corners and a faux chandelier made of of lights in the middle. The sanctuary looks really good too,, They rented roman colums that are arranged in a semi circle, and on top is the most gorgeous 8' spray of roses. While we were in there checking things out, they were starting to run through the slide show and I could barely stand to watch, it gets me so teary eyed.

Ok, time to quit dallying and go rehearse whatever Im supposed to do.

Later gators.


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