Desert Sand Mica

Whatever, just crash it Bob...


Bleh. Just spent a ridiculous amount of time fixing Katie's blog. FYI, she had the same template as spencer, and that was the problem. A note was sent to blogger control, and they confirmed that there is a problem with that template. We ditched it and picked another.

We did book buying this morning in Northglenn, only 9 bags. Now it's hot and we don't feel like doing anything. Water World later this week, for sure. Probably Wednesday or Thursday, so we can actually ride rides, since Emma won't be with us. Anyone? Water World? All Aboard?

Katie made asparagus soup today. It was actually pretty good, but it was just too hot for soup. Maybe I will have some more around 1 am when it finally gets down to a reasonable temperature (the weather, not the soup). I'll let you know later if the rumors are true about asparagus. hee.

Ok, I gotta get out of this bedroom now. Hot..


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