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3's a charm...

3 things that suck on this otherwise really nice day.

A few days ago Mark and I went to Target (remember?) and yesterday I realized we must have left a bag there, cause I couldnt find something. I bought 4 packages of ziploc type bags, for school lunches and stuff and they were no where to be found. We looked all over, but they never turned up. I was just like "oh, well.."

But now I am remembering all kinds of things that were in that bag, and now it's really irritating. I was in the grocery store a little while ago and saw a display of Cocoa Pebbles. I said to myself : "hey..cocoa pebbles, I just bought some of those...where are they? Oh no, I got em at Target!" Then I saw Vienna sausage (enema sausage, Emma calls em) and realized the same thing. Bah.

Sucky thing number two was that I took all of Mark's divorce papers up to the courthouse because he has to have them turned in by September 4. Affidavits, etc... Mountains of paper. I thought I would be nice and go turn them in for him. So I get up there and it's like 3:25, and they close at 4. The gal goes over the papers and sees something that she says is a "red flag", and that I have to fix it. Oh lordy. So I have to go all the way home and redo this one particular section. Fine, great. Except that Mark had signed the last page, so by me fixing this part, it totally screwed up the page breaks. I sat here for at least 5 minutes screwing around with that damn thing so the pages would line up right and I could still use the last signed page. I made it back up to this woman's line at 5 till 4. She was thrilled, no really. lol

The last sucky thing is that last night when Mark and I went to dinner, we left the minute I got home from school, so I didn't put my backpack in the house. When we came home, I just left it in his car. biggie, except my keys were in there, and I had all these errands to run today. Luckily I had a spare ignition key. Buutttt...I realized after I had loaded my cart up with $120.00 worth of groceries, that I couldn't get into the back of the stationwagon. (I'm a very frugal shopper, $120 worth is a buttload.) There is no lever to open the gate from the inside. There is no handle inside the trunk either. I had to load a gazillion bags, plus a gabillion cartons of soda into the front and back seats. Keep in mind that Emma's car seat takes up a grand amount of space in the backseat. BAH BAH BAH!!! It wasn't too bad, though. Just took me a damn long time.

And so are the days of our lives.


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