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Whatever, just crash it Bob...


The house is empty. And that's a good thing.

Last nights class was pretty good. 2 hours of lecture followed by 2 hours of playing with gurneys, prams and backboards. We dumped a lot of people on the floor. lol. The teacher is getting on my nerves a bit. I hate it when instructors lecture the textbook word for word, and that's pretty much what she does. It is an apparent total waste of time to do the reading, because she goes over it bit by bit in class.

Last night the main focus of the lecture was death and dying. Obvious signs of death, and not-so-obvious. Interesting. Dealing with families at the scene of the death. Children's deaths, and severe trauma deaths. When to keep trying to resuscitate, and when to stop. Something to note..if someone has an open head wound exposing brain matter, they are dead. But.. you should continue to give oxygen and keep the heart beating...for organ harvesting. Who'da thunk it.

I've discovered that there are about 4 people in class that went to Northglenn High School when I was a Campus Supervisor (narc) there. Awkward, to say the least. But mostly everyone is nice..there's only one girl that I can't stand so far. Already 2 people have dropped out.

Tonight is our intro to clinicals, which is all hands on stuff. Should be fun.

I feel like I haven't seen Katie in days. She leaves early in the morning for workouts and school, and goes right to work after school. Maybe she'll come to the Taste of Colorado with us this weekend.

Guess that's it. Snooze a-rama, huh.


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