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Gethering, copying, fill in the blanks.

Seems like that's the kind of day it's been. Mark and I went out to breakfast, that was nice. Then spent too much time and money at Target, but gee whiz, they had printer paper on sale and everything! It was just really nice to be out together again.

Mark's been gathering papers for his divorce; tax returns, pay stubs, blah blah blah. I think he has absolutely everything together. Since he initiated it, he also has to fill out the parenting plan, the child support worksheet, the support order and all that jazz. It's a ridiculous amount of paperwork, really. A few trees definately died for all this. I stay out of the actual filling in of the blanks, I just do the copying because the fax/copier here at home hates Mark. I'm just glad he's finally getting it done (Dy too, I know) and everything will be on paper, and done with. It really won't mean any changes at all, but I'm sure it'll be nice closure for all of us, especially for the two of them.

I remember the day of my divorce hearing, and while it wasn't altogether unpleasant, it was sad. I kept crying (not bawling, just you know..teary eyed) and the judge kept asking me if I was sure about all of this. I wasn't crying cause I was like "oh, boo hoo I don't have Dan any more.." it was just that I felt like such a failure. I felt like I had wasted so much of my life with him, and now had to start over. I had no friends, wasn't speaking to my family, and my kids felt lost.

I wan't even really mad at Dan, just sad. Although I did have that one brief giggly moment when the judge found out he'd lied about some things. The look on Dan's face when the judge took a recess to call his landlord was priceless. It was also fun to see the judge put Dan in his place about several things. Dy and Mark are lucky that they're on such good terms and keep everything on the level with each other. that's the focus of the day..but now I think we're done. Mark had to go into work on his day off today for just a bit. Something or other about a trade in he took in last night or sumthing. Nothing bad, just clarification. So he's there, and we're ordering pizza. (No red sauce on mine!)

I guess Cindi is ready to go to NYC tomorrow. Wah. Ok, I won't complain, because we're planning some fun stuff too.

Right now tho, I have 4 chapters to read. Ssh!


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