Desert Sand Mica

Whatever, just crash it Bob...


At this time tomorrow evening I will be in my first class! Yikes! I constantly feel like it's going to be similar to jury selection. The instructor will ask me a question, and after I answer they will say. "You're excused. Get out. You have no business being here, you old lady lookin thing. Sheesh." I have nerved myself into diarhea and stomach cramps. Gah.

I didnt pull any books yesterday, so there was a buttload waiting. I started pulling them at about 6:45 and I just got done. And there's still 4 waiting that were difficult to find, so I just said fuck it. Now Mark is down there packing them, and at 9, we'll settle in together to watch the finale of The Restaurant. After that, it just may very well be bedtime.

And just because I have so many funny pictures saved on my computer, I think I will start posting one here every couple of days. Enjoy.


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