Desert Sand Mica

Whatever, just crash it Bob...


I've nixed the movie idea and am instead enjoying some very loud and very jammin tunes. The Czechs next door are probably running around shutting their windows. Here's the playlist.

Bye Bye Bye - N'Sync
It's Gonna Be Me - N'Sync
Bialamos (Dance Mix) - Enrique Iglesias
Escapar (Dance Mix) - Enrique Iglesias
Everybody - Backstreet Boys
Firefly - Saves The Day
At Your Funeral - Saves The Day
Sincerely Me - New Found Glory
I Drove All Night (Dance Mix) Celine Dion
Somewhere I Belong - Linkin Park
Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous - Good Charlotte
Mala Vida - Manu Chao
- - - -

Lifestyles of the rich and the famous
They're always complaining, always complaining
If money is such a problem
Well they got mansions..think we should rob them

Did you know when you were famous
You could kill your wife and there's no such thing as 25 to life
As long as you've got the cash to pay for Cochran
And did you know if you were caught and you were smoking crack
McDonald's wouldn't even want to take you back
You could always just run for mayor of D.C.

I'd like to see them spend the week livin' life out on the street
I don't think they would survive
If they could spend a day or two walking in someone else's shoes
I think they'd stumble and they'd fall
They would fall

Heh. You say you hate it. But I guarantee you'd be dancing too.


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