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Ultra grouchy cranky.

I'm just in a snippy mood this morning, I dunno why.

Class was pretty good last night. It seemed to be dragging on forever, but I guess 4 hours is a long time. Actually we got out at 9, so it was only 3 hours. It still seemed to drag.

There are about 40 people in the class. Probably 80% male. There are about 4 people in their 30's, me, and a guy who is 50. Everyone else is not a day over 23 years old. A good bulk of the younger guys are already firefighters. Some people already have their undergraduate degrees. Why would you be getting a paramedic certificate if you have a degree? Paramedics make nothing. Anyway.

I've noticed there is a definately "Medic-look". The guys are all in really good shape, very athletic and very cute. They all have really short hair, not sure what the story is there. The women are all lesbians. Ok, maybe they aren't actual lesbians, but you would peg them for one if you were guessing. There wasn't a woman in there with a lick of makeup on, and they walk like they are unable to put their arms at their sides. I'm cool with that though, they all seem pretty cool.

We did some get to know you exercises, and watched a couple of vides designed to gross you out enough into dropping the class, apparently. If anything, everyone was more encouraged. Each progressively grotesque screen shot of an injury brought louder cheers from the bulk of the room. lol.

The instructor is (besides being a lesbian - kidding) is very curt, loud, and effective. She had no problem telling a couple of people "you probably won't make it.." One because she's had 4 reconstructive knee surguries and one because she said if she ever had to encounter puke, she'd have to just walk away.

I already have 4 chapters to read by tomorrow and a big presentation on the physiology of the optical system by next Wed. Anybody got an eyeball I can borrow for some killer graphics?

Mark's off today, that'll be nice. Home alone all day together. Yay. First order of business is we're going to Target. After that...gellin like a felon.


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