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I don't think I mentioned anything about the hearing yesterday. Mark and Dy are finally officially divorced. What a relief for everyone. It's just been hanging around like a dark cloud for so long, and no one really had the intiaitive to do anything about it. It became a point of contention for Mark and I more than once. He'd frequently talk about topics that had some sort of permanent committment attached, and I always had this wall up, saying "talk to me when you aren't married anymore". Getting married, buying a house, etc. I just wasn't willing to even entertain the concept while he was still married. Now it's opened up a lot of opportunities and possible responsibilties.

The hearing itself was dry and appropriately formal. Dy posted that she had/has some residual annoyances about it, and I'll be honest and say they're present here too. But all in all, it's blatantly amicable and things can only improve from here on out.

So now what? Who knows. Maybe we'll get married, maybe not. Maybe we'll buy a house. (That's more likely - lol)
I would have no problem buying a house with Mark, I believe we will be together for a long time. And it makes sense. I'm not sure that getting married makes as much sense. There's definate pros and cons. The main issue I see with that is the additional authority and responsibility to Emma, and I'm pretty comfortable right now in the position I already hold with her, and I think she is too. Being her stepmother would be markedly different, I think. I don't know, I haven't really thought it through completely. And besides, no one's officially asking. Yet.

My blissday is going along hummingly. I've done literally nothing, except sit on the couch with my remote and get caught up with "Starting Over". I love having 3 hours of the same show to watch, and being able to watch it in 90 minutes, cause I can zoom through the commericials at lightening speed. Is anyone else watching this show?

Ok, I really really am going to go put laundry in. No, really.


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