Desert Sand Mica

Whatever, just crash it Bob...


I swear, no matter how late I go to bed I can't sleep past about 8am. That is so messed up.

I need to go to Hobby Lobby or some shit today to get the finishing touches for Emma's party tomorrow. And to echo Derb's post about parents who don't pay attention, I called a parent in Emma's class to see if they were bringing something to the party.

"Oh yes, I'm bringing cupcakes"
"Well, actually, the PTA has asked that we not bring any cupcakes"
"I know, but I asked Mrs _________(Emma's Teacher) and she said it was ok"
"weelll....she may not be informed about the rules the PTA put out about the parties"
"I'm still going to bring cupcakes, I always bring cupcakes"

Fine, bring cupcakes you sanctimonious bitch. Sheesh.

Dy, Mark and Katie are all coming to the school party - I think that will make it a lot more fun and a lot more comfortable for me. I just hope the kids have fun. Especially the pink pony kid.


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