Desert Sand Mica

Whatever, just crash it Bob...


Listening to: Dr. Phil
Eating: Had some Progresso tomato soup a bit ago...yum
Drinking: Diet Coke
State of Mind: Lethargic
Multitasking: nope
Who Im chatting to: no one
Thats fucked up: Daniel's not here yet and we're supposed to go to Kmart.

Mark and I did a Noglenn book run today, just like old times. Was pretty fun tho a little rushed, as Emma only has a half day on Mondays.

Came home and have been doing catch up paperwork ever since. Insurance forms, school forms, something stupid from the IRS, calling around to try to get more rotations on ambulances, etc...

And I am entirely too tired to hear a lecture this evening. I need to get gas, go to the post office, and take Daniel to Kmart still. Where's my clone.


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