Desert Sand Mica

Whatever, just crash it Bob...


Oh, one more thing. Vivor.
Good lordy. Why is Drake so tolerant of Jon? Are they completely oblivious to how ridiculously annoying he is? C'mon! I know for one thing, it's painfully apparent how much Probst hates him. And what is this Johnny Fairplay finger salute thing? Someone take him out and leave him for the pelicans, please!

Actually, I was secretly hoping that Rupert would be the one to go. His pirate attitude is getting on my nerves a bit, matey. Although I agree that keeping him around till the merge is probably a good idea. Problem is, now he knows some folks are out to get him. Though it looks like next week he's on the warpath to see who wrote his name down. I did think it interesting that while the tribe seems to have this unexplainable affinity for Jon, no one told him what they were doing at the vote, and now he's come off looking the jackass.

And the previews for next week. I think someone is coming back. (ok, I lied - I know someone is coming back. I found a spoiler I won't divulge, don't worry.

Ok, now you've all made me late - gotta run!


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