Desert Sand Mica

Whatever, just crash it Bob...


Sorta like old times today...

We got up early and had breakfast at McD's while Emma made friends on the playplace. Then went to arc and sally but didn't find much. Emma found a plastic case with Spirit on the front, we let her take it up to the cashier and pay all by herself. She was ecstatic. She's now two doors down at the neighbor's house playing with The Girl Who Is Too Big For Her Age.

Last night Emma tried to pull a fast one. She hadn't watched much tv during the day so I told her she had time to watch about 3 shows, or one movie. She opted for shows. She watched 2 episodes of "Kindergarten" on HBO. After they were over I said "do you want to watch another 30 minute show, or do something else and save your last 30 minutes of tv time for later?" She said:

"I think I'll watch a movie now."

heh. Nice try.

Actually tho, she ultimately opted to go do something else, and went in her room for about 90 minutes, playing with her dollhouse and surfed the net on her pc. She never did ask to watch tv again. Bonus.

She's got quite a few websites that she visits, and one of them has sheets that you can print off and color. She's so good, she sits down at her pc, opens Internet Explorer, knows exactly how to get to her websites, knows exactly what to click to get to the coloring sheets, knows what to click to print them and then toddles downstairs to the printer, takes them off and colors em. Such a geeklet!

I have a few things to get done, but I'm feeling a little poopy. I'm gonna set the timer for 30 minutes, take a nap then go get the midget from the Big Girls house.

Hope you all are having fun.


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