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The truth and nothing but..

It's amazing how honest of an answer you will get when you ask kids questions.

When we pick up Emma from school, we always ask her:

"How was your day?
"What was for lunch?"
"Did anything fun happen?"
and -
"What did you get in trouble for today?"

We started asking her the last question about 2 weeks ago when she volunteered that she'd gotten in trouble for something or other, and we acted surprised. Then she said "Oh, I get in trouble almost every day."


Of course it's always minor, but it's also a very good indication of areas that could/should be talked about. Today, she got in trouble on recess for going too close to the fence. Yesterday it for yelling. (She can be quite yelly, yanno.) So we talk about those issues when she gets home, and maybe figure out why she got in trouble for certain things, and more appropriate ways to behave.

She's also been talking alot about kids that have been teasing her here and there. Usually it's related to her size, one boy continually calls her a baby, for instance. But today she was irritated about a boy that she said was teasing her at lunch. I said:

"Well, what did he say?"
"He said hey you! Where did you get that food?"

Wow, that's brutal. heh.


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