Desert Sand Mica

Whatever, just crash it Bob...


This is really weird.

Katie and I were musing the other day about how we go shopping and then sometimes don't even unpack the bags. Especially with thrift store stuff. We'll find something we think we can use, then it just gets moved around the living room in the arc bag for two weeks, then finally someone puts it in a closet and we forget about it.

Well, I was reading The Presurfer and saw a reference to the Butterfly Alphabet. It totally jarred my memory about how much I loved this litho. I've always loved it, and always wanted a copy.

Then I remembered. Wait a minute, I found one of those and I think I bought it. I think I showed it to Cindi. It was a large framed litho, and I think I bought it at a sally up north. If I didn't buy it, I definitely saw it up there, and I'm gonna be mad if I didn't buy it. But I think I did.

But you know what, I have no idea where it is. God, that's weird.


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