Desert Sand Mica

Whatever, just crash it Bob...


Oh something else funny about Emma on her computer. She has several games set up, and some on CDRom. She loves playing them, but changing them out are a bit of a problem for her sometimes. So whenever she gets tired of one game, we'd have to go in there and change it out for her. Well, I stopped letting her play games on her pc because she was wanting to change them every 3 minutes and it was becoming highly annoying. So Mark decided to institute a rule that she had to wait 15 minutes before changing games. We put a kitchen timer in there and when it goes off, she can have her game changed.

Well last night she was playing a game and the timer went off. After about 2 minutes she came to the top of the stairs and was starting to sniffle and cry a little bit. She was sad cause wasn't done playing that game yet! She thought you HAD to change the game when the timer went off, regardless. Ha.


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